Making the Right Choice

“The early bird catches the worm.” A famous idiom we have all heard while growing up from our teachers, parents and elders trying to teach us the value of self-discipline, punctuality, organization and a methodical approach in life. What this idiom simply means is those who start preparing early stand a better chance at success than those who do not. I’m not here trying to give any teaching lessons, but simply say this that given the hectic schedule of a banker in the present time, it is tough to study along with work. Working hours have increased, work load has gone up and in general our lifestyle today demands a lot from us in terms of time and attention. So in such a scenario would you want to struggle with lengthy, tedious, heavy worded books, with lots and lots of pages that say everything about and around banking but those specific things that you need to know to clear your exams? Or would you rather choose simple, clear, concise, already well-researched and proven study material that is easy to understand and conceptually grasp that guarantees your success in the exams? Well, the choice is yours.
But if you take my advice, I would encourage you to start your preparation early so you can go slow and steady without any pressure and be ready well in time for your exams while many others out there would still be busily trying to figure out where to get a cheaper book from and be cheated at the hands of several players out there in the market who do make big promises but deliver nothing when the time comes. By then you will have absorbed and understood all the concepts and practiced all types of questions and be ready to succeed in your JAIIB exams or CAIIB exams or Promotion tests. So I would say choose wisely, choose now to gain advantage of an early start over all those who are waiting for the final lap to enter the race and gamble their career over freebies and low quality books just because they weigh quantity more over quality.  Now it is up to you to make that choice.
Having said that, here is just a little extra push for those appearing for JAIIB May 2018 exams as a welcome gesture from Team NBTI. Read more

New Year Wishes

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2018…filled with lots of exciting stuff, special features, amazing offers and lots more! We begin the year by welcoming all NEW entrants to banking and financial institutions and wishing you great success in your career. And to encourage you to clear JAIIB in one shot, NBTI has announced a Special Limited Period Offer for all JAIIB aspirants of May/June 2018 examinations.

  • Avail Big Discount of up to 30% on JAIIB Distance Learning Material on all orders placed till 31st January 2018.
  • Get the revised, latest study kit at a SPECIAL PRICE with FREE access to Online Mock Test Facility (will be made available 2 months prior to the exams) and much more.
  • Make the most of this SPECIAL ONE MONTH OFFER as prices are likely to go up after 31st January 2018.
  • Refer your friends and colleagues and avail SPECIAL BENEFITS.

JAIIB study kits are now updated and ready for circulation. All orders placed for revised and updated kits will be dispatched maximum within 48 hours of placing the order. For more details, please write to us at or call us on +91 9312219818

Wishing you the very best in both your personal and professional spheres.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Exam Tips

I hope the first paper for JAIIB went well for the participants. For the remaining I wish all JAIIB and CAIIB exam participants the very best for their preparation and exams.

I am sure you have already gone through the theory section thoroughly. If not, you still have a little time to at least read up the study material. Just read it through like a novel to familiarize yourself with the topics and then attempt the MCQs for practice. You have the option of attempting the questions a number of times in the online test format to improve your performance. If you go through the subject properly you can find out independently as to how the solution to a particular question is arrived at. If you are thorough with the subject you should immediately grasp the hint to reach the correct answer. Therefore, I encourage all participants who still have some time left with them to study the subjects thoroughly and re-attempt the mock tests after a few days gap. You should try to solve problems and case studies yourself and not depend on just reading as there is a saying about learning process, ‘We hear and we forget; we see and we remember; we do and we UNDERSTAND’. So try to solve numerical and case studies at least two to three times and see the miracle. Remember there is no short cut to success.

Wish you Good Luck!

NBTI Test Series

NBTI study kits, with their simple, easy-to-understand, high-quality, well-researched content, exam-oriented approach and well thought out structure have helped many bankers clear their JAIIB/ CAIIB/ Promotion exams in one shot. Based on popular demand we recently launched the ONLINE TEST Platform to provide that extra edge in exam preparation. These tests offer participants a flavour of the actual exam and allow them to evaluate their preparedness. This unique offering is bound to help all JAIIB/ CAIIB/ Internal Promotion aspirants immensely.

Here are some unique features of the Online Test functionality:

– Extensive database of multiple choice questions for self-evaluation
– Select case studies, numerical problems (especially for CAIIB) with step-by-step solutions
– All topics covered under prescribed syllabus
– Accessibility from laptop/ desktop as well as mobile phones
– IIBF recommended exam pattern for testing
– Real-time test environment to gage performance
– Several attempts for thorough practice
– Easy access online, anytime, anywhere
– Self-paced, simple workflow with quick results
– Helps you formulate strategy for the actual exam
– Variety of practice mock tests inside
– Tests designed by highly experienced faculty from banking industry

With these online tests, we aim to completely change your exam preparation experience. We are sure these tests will prove to be highly beneficial in ensuring your success.

But let me also add that testing one’s knowledge only helps when you have gone through the subject in detail. Having read and grasped the basics you now set out to test where you stand, how much you have understood and how well you can apply the theoretical  concepts practically. Without this preparation, if you start off attempting the questions you may very well find yourself clouded with fear and doubt as to whether you should even appear in the said exam for not knowing most of the answers or figuring out how the solutions were arrived at. Why take yourself through the grind? Instead, focus on going through the study kit for JAIIB or CAIIB or Promotion, whichever applicable and then get down to online mock tests. That way you will not only be well prepared but also confident and sure of yourself and the efforts you put in.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

NBTI Connect

We started out in 2001 with just one thought in mind, of making learning interactive and interesting for bankers. We have come a long way from there, thanks to your patronage and support. Our deep experience, simple delivery and best-in-class content has been whole-heartedly appreciated and welcomed by all our program participants. We have received a tremendous response for our physical classes held across the country and more so for the Distance Learning Program designed to cater to the growing need of bankers wanting to learn at their convenience without having to travel long distances for physical classes. Our DLP model was especially crafted to facilitate knowledge retention and deliver brilliant results for participants. Most of them clearing JAIIB and CAIIB exams in the first attempt. Their success gave us the confidence to improvise and make further value additions, thus offering a dynamic learning platform exclusively for bankers. This being a step towards connecting and reaching out to all of you interested in and applying for JAIIB, CAIIB, and Internal Bank Promotion Exams…Welcome to NBTI!!

NBTI Success Stories

Every time I read a success story, I feel happy and contented to be part of someone’s journey to success and share in their triumphs and achievements. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to see my students learn and grow, and reach greater heights, overcoming all inhibitions and obstacles in their path. And at NBTI, we focus on giving aspiring bankers an opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and partner with them to achieve success and growth in their careers.

“I am glad to inform you Narang sir that I have been promoted to Scale II in the recently concluded promotion exercise in my Bank. The study kits provided by your Institute are really very good and updated and did play a great role in my elevation. Thanks a lot.” – Vinay Neelakantan, Bank of Baroda, Tiruchengode (TN)

“I want to place on record that I got promotion from clerical to Scale I as Officer with the assistance of your invaluable material. I got your material for promotion to Scale II only about a month back and I am very glad to inform you that with your blessings and your excellent kits I got promoted to Scale II. Many, many thanks for your unwavering support in the form of most up to date and high quality kits.” – Rahul Nath, Canara Bank, Chintamani, Karnataka

“Thank you very much sir. Your training kit is the BRAHMASTRA that has made me Zone topper in the Promotion Examination. Thank you once again.” – Deepak Kumar Singh, UCO Bank, Siuri, Birbhum Dist., West Bengal

“I have no words to thank NBTI, Gurugram for excellent kits for CAIIB for which I placed order on website of the Institute. I was particularly scared of Bank Financial Management paper which is considered to be the main hurdle in passing CAIIB examinations of IIBF. Through God’s grace and excellent kits provided by NBTI, I cleared CAIIB in one go scoring overall 64% marks and surprisingly scoring 69% in BFM. The credit for my excellent success goes to NBTI and its Director Shri G D Narang.” – Pawan Verma, Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank

“I studied books prescribed by IIBF along with kits for JAIIB provided by Narang’s Bankers Training Institute, Gurugram (Haryana) and have no hesitation in saying that perhaps without NBTI kits it would have been very difficult for me to clear JAIIB in a single attempt. Considering the quality of material provided by NBTI, I have already placed the order with NBTI for kits for CAIIB for July 2017 examinations and I have no doubt that these kits will help me clear CAIIB in single attempt.” – Rajbir Singh Chauhan, Punjab National Bank, Indore (MP)